PowerCube 10000(PD)

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PowerCube 10000(PD)


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It looks beautiful! A friend recommended it.

Feel good, feel very good texture. Mobile power is very compact, and not too heavy, carry or more convenient, color is also very beautiful, very satisfied!


Excellent pauerbenk, charges the tenth iPhone without drives, he turns off, compact, weighs 200 grams, before using пауэурбэнками this W company and for fourth and sixth iPhones, never fails, hope this too will last a long time. Shipping long before Moscow, but seller коммуницировал, so that all OK


MIPOW QI wireless charger is a perfect companion with my iphone x. It charges and the wireless charger charges fast. I like the size that doesn’t occupy my entire pouch. It’s very compact and very light. The fiery red color stands out. I am very satisfied with the customer service because they reply with my queries right away and they made sure that I got my item on time. Overall I am a happy customer here dk. Highly recommended with 2 thumbs up and a 5 stars.


Good product

Almost five stars

I purchased my Power Cube X3 (XR) about six weeks ago and waited until I had a chance to check it out before submitting this review.

Overall, it's a great unit. My wife and I use it while traveling. We were tired of carrying cords for two iPhones, an iPad and a bulky multi USB device for charging along with its power cord. This power cubes red cord plugs into that small white cube that comes with the iPhones and iPad, then into a wall plug. That little cube works with both 110v and 220v circuits. There is no need for any other cord. We charge the power cube at the hotel in the evening to top off the batteries of the phones/pad. Turning on the power cube is a bit of a hassle at times. The swiping technique doesn’t always work the first time. It may take several tries to turn it on. An on/off switch would work better. We can charge two of the three devices we have at the same time and since our iPad isn’t used all that much, it takes a back seat priority. The power cubes fast charging capabilities drop when charging two devices at the same time, but it’s got all night to do the job.

We take the power cube with us during the day while on tour. My wife takes a lot of pictures, I mean a lot. When we see the battery level on a phone drop down it's time to charge it back up. We do that while on the bus traveling to our next stop. MIPOW advertises it will charge 50% of the phone in 30 minutes. It doesn’t do that. It charges the phone about 21% in 30 minutes when the phone is plugged into the cube and a bit less if the phone is set on the charging pad. I suspect that may be because the phone is in a protective case making it thicker. But, 21% works for us and is much better that other non-fast charging units I’ve had that only charged the phone about 6% in 30 minutes.

If MIPOW improves the on/off switch and the time it takes to charge the phones I’d give it five stars.