Industrial Designer

Job Description:

  • Responsible for the design of new products’ appearance;
  • Responsible for the design of our products and how to draw 2D sketches;
  • Responsible for the products’ appearance and how to build 3D models;
  • Responsible for the design of packing details (user manuals, color boxes, nameplates, etc.)
  • Job Qualifications:
  • Major in industrial design with bachelor’s degree or above;
  • At least 3 years working experience of ID design in consumer electronics; privilege will be given to those with working experience of smart apparel products design;
  • Good knowledge of product structure, material and processing technic; privilege will be given to those with good knowledge of mould and molding;
  • Excellent ability of product design and proficiency in ID design, sharp insight, creative ability, and good aesthetics;)
  • Familiar with relevant effects and technic in product appearance; able to use the effects of relevant technic proficiently and properly in product design, and make the technic requirements of relevant superficial processing;
  • Strong foundation in art and hand drawing; proficiency in the software of product design;
  • Strong communication and expression skills, as well as good team-working skills.

Industrial Design Project Manager

Job Description:

  • Precisely analyze customers’ requirements according to their demands, and then conduct product industrial design and proposals independently;
  • Participate in design and research, grasp the design orientation and style;
  • In charge of the project quality and the process management;
  • Independently complete design work or periodical design work;
  • Lead and train the design team;
  • Other work given by superior leaders.
  • Job Qualifications:
  • Major in Industrial design with bachelor degree or above; at least 3 years working experience; ability of system design and analysis;
  • Proficient in design software; with strong professional skills in modeling, rendering and expressing;
  • With active design concept and rich inspirations; the aesthetics of industrial products conforms with the requirements of the public, the relevant field, the international and the times; with sharp insight to absorb new fashionable elements; adequately perceive and grasp modeling, colors, technic and superficial processing;
  • With strong ability of put forward proposals independently, project understanding and communicating with customers;
  • With excellent professional ethics, hard-working, careful and responsible;
  • With strong innovative consciousness, excellent communications skills and team spirit, open personality, being proactive, diligent and good at thinking and solving problems independently.

UI Designer

Job Description:

  • Relevant graphic design work with interface;
  • Cooperate with UE designer to conduct simple UE work;
  • Provide design advice on art guiding and communicating and conduct innovative design research;
  • Job Qualifications:
  • Proficient in the software of graphic design;
  • Enthusiastic about UI design and mobile devices research;
  • Ability of UI understanding and analyzing;
  • Design expressing skills and communication skills;
  • At least 2 years working experience of UI design; resumes and works shall be attached;
  • With working experience of post-production of videos or using experience of relative software with 3D (privileged));
  • Passionate, moderate, modest, aggressive and diligent.

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