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POWER CUBE 10000 For MagSafe

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Wireless Charge For Apple MagSafe

- First Crystal Glass Magnetic Panel -

POWER CUBE 10000MAG is the slim and compact magnetic portable charger holds your iPhone 13/12 in place while charging. First Crystal Glass Magnetic Panel.  Power Cube magnetic snap is make with high quality glass. looks super elegant. Built-in USB-C input/out port for charge and recharging.  

Strong and Snappy

The super-strong magnet snaps magnetically into place to ensure perfect alignment and an efficient charge. and its make with crystal glass and printed with miffy graphic. 

Super Crystal Glass 

Make with Super Crystal Glass with elegant finishing.  Consistent design with MIPOW Power Cube Series usual style of design. 

USB-C, Two-Way Charge 20W

Consisting of USB-C input and output ports, you can now quickly recharge the portable charger or power up any compatible USB-C devices.

Slim and Compact

The sleek and slim design, you can single-handedly take calls, selfies, and more. MIPOW new Mini Cell technology reduces the size of the overall battery without compromising power and charging efficiency.

Safety First

Exclusive MIPOW technology comes with advanced safety features like temperature control, overload protection, and more to let you charge with zero worries.


iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max with a magnetic phone case.

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