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Portable Calculator with E-NotePad

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Miffy Foldable & Portable Calculator with Writing Tablet/Drawing Tablet

Calculator with E-Notepad

The calculator and notepad are designed in one piece, you can make notes while calculating, improve study and work efficiency. The calculator supports calculations with up to 12 digits and notepad acts as a cover to protect the calculator from dirt. Press the clear button to erase the notes and protect personal privacy.

Healthy and Eco-friendly

The blue light-free LCD screen is used to protect eyes, when you are not using the calculator, you can also put it on your desk as a notepad.It can be written repeatedly, reducing paper consumption and being environmentally friendly, there is no need to use a shredder to process the paper.

Quality silicone button, Mute Design

Adopt high quality silicone button, feel comfortable, suitable for daily calculations. Mute button does not disturb others, suitable for office, learning and a variety of use scenarios.

Lightweight and Portable

This is a lightweight calculator with writing tablet, foldable design, weighs only 4 oz.It is so compact that you can carry it in your pocket, can be quickly removed and used immediately when needed, convenient for taking notes on phone calls, quick notes, and meeting minutes.

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