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Lamp Wireless Power Bank

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MIFFY Pop-Light Power Bank with Wireless Charging

MIFFY 10000 mAh PD 18W Power Bank with USB C and Extra USB-A Port, and Wireless Charging Feature. Built-in A Pop-Light Feature, your can unplug the the top turn to a Night Light. More and Less, you can use it as Mobile Phone Stand for watching movie in 15degree angle. Its a Compact External Battery for iPhone 13/12/11/XR/XS/X/8/7, Samsung, Google LG, iPad and More


 Wireless Portable Charger

10W Max Wireless Charging supports 5W, 7.5W, and 10W MAX wireless fast charging, No cables required, Compatible with most wireless charging devices , and can also be wireless fast charging with a case.


18W PD Fast Charging

18W PD Fast Charging - Fast charge for cellphone up to 50% in 20 mins. Fast Charge Cellphone up to 100% in 1-1.5 hour With Type-C fast charging cable and PD charging head full charge the power bank in 3-3.5 hour.

PULL UP THE TOP, Night-light & Bracket

Simply Pull UP the TOP, IT will become a POPUP Light. Press the button to turn on the Night Light. PULL UP only One side, it will give your a 30degree angle Bracket for Watching movies.

Moon-Light While Wireless Charging

Simply Pull UP the TOP, IT will become a POPUP Light. Deem Light suitable during the long night while you while you wireless charging your mobile phone



Simply Pull UP the TOP, IT will become 30degree angle Bracket for standing your mobile phone/mobile phone stand.