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Lightning Cable/Port Power Bank

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Both Lightning Cable & Lightning Port  in this Potable Charger

This ECOSYSTEM product, means that it serves for a variety of devices charging: Unlock the futuristic way of charging! Charge your iPhone while recharging using Lightning Cable.  MFi-certified Apple Connector components: BUILT-IN fast charging Apple C94 Lightning Cable, LED lights Battery Level Indication, Built-in Apple Lightning Receptacle charging port. 

Built Lightning Cable

Licensed by Apple

one simple place to charge ALL your Apple devices (include new iPhone 13, iPad)
without having to worry about messy charging cables and means of chargers. With built in Fast Charging Lightning cable, fast charging iPhone 8 or high, charging its battery level to 50% just 30 minutes.

Recharging via MFi Lightning Port

(same as iPhone port)

First MFi Lightning Port built-in product. Charge your iPhone while recharging using Lightning Cable.  Not more bring USB-C cable recharging your Power Banks battery. Direct plug your Apple Lightning Cable in to Power Bank to recharge  

Product Features:

10,000mAh Battery Capacity,
Built-in Apple MFi Certified PD 18W fast charge Apple C94 Lightning Cable &
Apple MFi Certified Lightning Receptacle Charging Port.
Compatible with all iPhone series