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Miffy Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

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SLIM-FOLD Keyboard ( Mipow X miffy Version )

3.5mm SLIM Folding Keyboard + Miffy Pouch 

SLIM-FOLD is the Lightest & Slimmest Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Keyboard in the world. 3.5mm thin, 150g light-weight & built-in smart magnetic on/off Switch for portable experience. Unlike other Folding keyboard with small key pad, SLIM-FOLD comes with full-size keypad layout, ergonomic design, tactile feel, smooth Input, high efficacy & no intermittent, and so fits for your day long usage. SLIM-FOLD Keyboard comes with a Miffy Leather Pouch to protect the keyboard when its folded in the bag, also included Free Stand to place mobile device. 

Super 3.5mm Thin Design 

SLIM-FOLD is 3.5mm thin, 150g light-weight. 150g (4.9oz) only, hand-held with few finger not an issue actually.

65 Keys with 120 Functions, Chocolate Button Design

Custom PBT key cap, wear-resistant and non-greasy finger touch more fit, can relieve your finger fatigue caused by long-term use of the keyboard. 65 fullsize keys layout, compatible with FOUR different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows & macOS), gives you 120 combination functions which include multimedia keys.

Concave & Convex Key Cap 

Unique concave and convex key cap designlight and comfortable operation feelenjoy faster input speed

Magnetic Suction Fold w/ Sensor ON/OFF 

Folding design, more convenient to carry, Foldable with invisible Cross Break, sustains millions times of open-close usage without distortion. Hidden Rotation Shaft Structure. Built-in Automatic Magnetic ON/OFF Sensor. Folded to Turn OFF

Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Nordic Chip INSIDE

Keyboard can standby for 120 days. Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Use Nordic Chip inside. Keyboard idle 10minutes, it enter Sleeping Mode. Open Folding to Wake up and Connect Devices. Rechargeable.

Miffy Pouch + Mobile Stand 

MIFFY SLIM-FOLD Keyboard comes with Cute MIFFY Printed Leather pouch protect the keyboard when its folded in the bag, and also come with Mobile Stand for iPhones, Mobile phones, and Tablets

Compatible with Multi-Systems

Supports Bluetooth mobile phone tablet laptop, Also Compatible with Apple TV & Bluetooth Enabled Smart TV

Pocket Size & Easy to Carry 

Bunny VS Cute Cuteness and kawaii Disney & Sanrio Pink & Blue Gift