Premium Lightning Compatible USB Cable

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MFi Certified
Ensure complete charge
and sync compatibility

Apple MFi (Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod) Certificated
Premium Lightning Compatible USB Cable.
  Simply connect the lightning adapter to your Apple
device and the USB end to a wall adapter or USB hub to
charge or to a computer to sync data.
It’s compatible with the latest iOS 9, 10, 11. This cable
works well with Apple devices that have a Lightning port.


This cable supports safe high-speed charging up to
5V/2.4A and fast data transfer.

Durable Copper Alloy Wires

High-quality copper wires with TPE material covered maxi-
mize signal quality and increase durability. Seamlessly
molded joints for superior resistance to breakage.

High-tensile Nylon Fiber Cloth

The wires are wrapped in a unique nylon fiber cloth, instead
of cheaper plastics or polycarbonate.
Wound tightly around the cord it offers superior strength
with a bit of flexibility. The braided nylon can handle daily
stress, ensuring long-lasting performance.

1.5 Meters Long Cable
Easy and Convenient

Always keep your iPhone or iPad fully charged Access easily
while charging thanks to the 1.5m long cable. Perfect for
watching video in bed or checking messages on the couch,
you’ll finally be able to toss out that short worn cable in the
home and workplace.

Aluminum Alloy Laser
Welded Connector

Laser-welded connectors allow for more
precise results, compared to typical welding
done by a torch or other heat source.
Heat-resistant Lightning connector fits into
virtually all case cutouts

The cable will never
get tangled up any more.

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