MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500)
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500)
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500)
Anodized Aluminum Finishing
The unique tubular design and colorful anodized aluminum finishing of our VOX TUBE 500 stand out from other traditional ones
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500)
Simulate Real Microphone
The special designed protrudent Mic not only shows off retro fashion, but also enhances acoustic fidelity and loudness.
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500)
Exclusive Air-pump Earbud
Three sizes ergonomic designed earbuds take account of fit and comfort .
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500)
Slitting Indicator & Hidden Control Button
The smart slitting indicator and hidden control button are innovative design as natural as itself.
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500) Connecting Both
Connecting Both
It supports to connect two mobile phones at the same time.
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500) Long Effective Range
Long Effective Range
Our powerful antenna performance covers a wide range connection.
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500) Easy to Charge
Easy to Charge
Simply connect to a powered USB device to charge it by the included charging cable.
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500) Smart Indication
Smart Indication
Display your Vox tube 500 headset's battery capacity on the screen as long as it connects to iOS devices.
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500)
Latest Noise Cancellation Technology
Smart dual Mic solution cancels background noise and CVC (Clear Voice Capture) Audio technology enhances acoustic clarification.
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500)
Concise design & High-grade appearance
It's a compact and elegant artwork. Its splendid workmanship and appearance highlight your modern fashion.
MIPOW VoxTube 500 (BTV500)