PLAYBULB sphere is a Bluetooth colorized ball lamp and mainly used as indoor decorative bulb. With free app control, you can change its brightness, control ON/ OFF, RGB colors, light effects, set timers, security mode, control in groups and can collect colors from additional pictures to make it display and other functions. You can also change its colors by patting its glass light ball or shake your phone. Different from the traditional light bulb, PLAYBULB sphere comes with wireless charger itself on the bottom, so you don’t need to match extra power supply unit. 

change the color of your night
Made For Décor
It is a great lighting center piece for home decorations.
With Bluetooth connectivity, it allows for a color change
depending on your mood. Its smooth surface texture is made
from high quality glass and gives an incredible light show experience.
Connect with PLAYBULB X App
The PLAYBULB X allows for color control of the sphere with a color wheel,
5 lighting effects, and a grouping feature for more than one sphere.
  • Connect via Bluetooth
  • Start the PLAYBULB X App
  • Select the colors and have fun!
Wireless Charging
Just place the sphere on the included wireless inductive charging dock to recharge it. With every full charge, the sphere will operate up to 8 hours.

8 Hrs
One Full Charge
Portability By Design
The sphere provides the freedom to take it wherever you go. By tapping it, you can manually change the color presets to the one you like. Tap it as many times as you like.

hit Tap it
hold Take it
That Matter
Our concept idea was to bring forth a brand new experience in smart lighting that is long lasting. The feeling of a glass-designed texture brings a naturalistic look and beautiful setting anywhere.
Water Resistant
The sphere provides a high rating of IP65 water resistant level for protection. It allows for the use in wet environments such as the pool side and garden area.
Bring Out The Creativity In You
There is no limit to what can be done with the sphere. From setting a mood to a room or using it for relaxation, the possibilities are endless. Just create your own sphere experience!
153mm x 140mm
Charging Mode
Wireless Inductive
Bluetooth Smart
Battery Life
8 Hours (Full Charge)
LED Power
Recharging Time
3 Hours
Power Input
App Support / Compatible Devices
PLAYBULB X App (iOS& Android Devices)
iOS: iPhone 4S or higher,
iPod (6th Generation or higher),
Android Phone
Our newest member to the PLAYBULB family!


"The sphere has the nice design, with wireless charging base. Able to set the timer to have bulb come on/off at a certain time. It's responsible and the app has some cool programming features. "

@ JohnyTechReview

It's a nice cool round sphere light bulb that worksbr
well to control via app. That's awsome,
I really do love it!

@ TechRadiant

Tapping to change the colour is a really
interesting function.

@ FifaMasterHD

Everything you can control by your phone,
it's really really cool, I think this
could be the best.

@ GoonzigProductions


  • SMART CONTROL: Wireless control its ON/OFF, brightness, color, color effects and timer configurations from your smart phone or tablet via free app downloaded from iOS App Store or Android Google Play. Control up to 5 spheres per group and multi groups can be created. The exclusive "SHAKE CONTROL" enables you to shake phone to change colors.
  • MOTION SENSOR: Enable you to tap the ball light to change its colors or turn it off (white, red, green, blue, rainbow fading effect, turn off).
  • WIRELESS CHARGING: Built-in 700 mAh lithium-ion battery, charge it completely within 3 hours by simply putting it on the included wireless charger.
  • 16 MILLION COLORS & 4 EFFECTS: Change your smart PLAYBULB sphere up to 16,000,000 RGB colors. Pre-set 4 color effects: Pulsing, Rainbow, Fading, Flashing set your PLAYBULB sphere in motion.
  • TIMER SETTING: Set a timer from PLAYBULB X app to turn it ON/ OFF at preset time and color, eg. create Wake-up mode or Sleep mode to let your favorite colors wake you up or put you to sleep.
  • The sphere provides a high rating of IP65 water resistant level for protection. It allows for the use in wet environments such as the poolside and garden area.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions:153mm x 140mm
  • Charging mode: Wireless Inductive
  • Connection: Bluetooth® 4.0 & Bluetooth® Smart
  • Battery life: 8 Hours (Full Charge)
  • LED power: 0.4W
  • Recharging time: 3 Hours
  • Power input: 0.25A/5V

    Download App

    Download the free PLAYBULB X App from the App Store or Google Play and install the PLAYBULB X App on your device. 

    Playbulb X app on the App Store  Playbulb X app on Google Play

    Device Compatibility

    PLAYBULB sphere for iOS app is compatible with devices running iOS 7 and above with Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

    PLAYBULB sphere for Android is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 (JellyBean) and above with Bluetooth 4.0 and above.


    PLAYBULB sphereUser Manual: Download