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POWER CUBE X3.0 includes two key products POWER CUBE XS and POWER CUBE XR.
POWER CUBE XS is a detachable wireless charging pad with a unique design power bank, perfectly suitable for indoor usage.
POWER CUBE XR is a 10000 mAh wireless portable power bank with a built-in cable, perfectly suitable for outdoor usage.
They work perfectly together to provide you the best charging solution.

Power Cube XS is a wireless charging pad composed of a smart dock and a detachable wireless power bank. The first dual wireless charging feature makes it so unique.

The first dual combo charging feature makes it so unique and distinguishable. Best gadget to get for all iPhone & Android fans. POWER CUBE XS comes with two build-in USB-C input and two USB output ports.

Why We Made It?

Do you still remember that you had to look up and down to find different charging cables to charge your devices? With our the POWER CUBE XS, you can ditch the power cord while on the move or to not have to plug in when at home. Just don't have to wander very far from a power source.

When connected to your device, smart charging and communicates with your device to determine the perfect amount of power it needs for a safe, quick charge. Fail-safe circuitry prevents over-charging and controls temperature to prevent overheating.

POWER CUBE XS is created with ergonomic design crafted with two finest materials and stunning appearance in unique shape. The stylish and UV coating slick surface with ultra thin body protects your phone from scratches. The aluminum alloy back side with curved design looks elegant and touches super comfortable.

The first dual combo charging feature makes it so unique and distinguishable. Best gadget to get for all iPhone & Android fans. POWER CUBE XS comes with two build-in USB-C input and two USB output ports. Both of the dock and the charger have one input port and one output port. The charger doesn’t need to be recharged with its SMART DOCK when going outside. A build-in USB-C input port allows it to be recharged with a cable when away from its SMART DOCK.

POWER CUBE XR is a Qi wireless PD fast charging power bank that comes with a MFi certified built-in cable. POWER CUBE X3 is the perfect combination of wireless and cable charging. With up to 18W maximum input power, POWER CUBE X3 can recharge your iPhone X to half full within 30 minutes.


Charge detector can accurately test the actual capacity of wireless power bank. As Apple's official partner, we provide a real 10,000 mAh battery pack. More than enough for all day trip which can fully charge your iPhone/Samsung three times. Ultra-thin and lightweight. Perfect for daily use, travel, camping or hiking. It also can be carried on the plane without worrying.

Why We Made It?




Mipow POWER CUBE XR built-in multi-protect safety system, precise electronic board prevents overcharging, leaks, and short circuits as well as providing high-temperature resistance. Do not risk damaging your iPhone with cheap alternatives using non-Apple OEM parts.


We will start shipping right after the Kickstarter campaign finishes. The Kickstarter program starts on April 21, so we’ll start shipping in the beginning of June. For orders shipping within the USA or Hong Kong please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. For orders shipping outside these regions, delivery can take between 5-15 business days. These times can fluctuate during peak periods.
The super early bird price is $43/each with $1 deposit, which means you’ll get $35 off our MSRP $79. You just need to pay another $42 for Power Cube XS/Power Cube XR when it’s launched on Kickstarter. We’ll keep you updated on how to complete the payment before we launch on Kickstarter.
Yes, both of them are compatible with Android devices & iPhone that have Qi Wireless charging feature. However, it can’t charge iPhone watches.
Yes. You can only pre-order them at our official website. You can also purchase them on Kickstarter once it’s launched.
Yes. 100% Refund Guarantee. If you want to cancel the reservation, email us and we will refund to you the next business day.
No. The shipping fee is not included. You’ll pay the shipping fee on Kickstarter along with the product you purchase. The shipping fee can fluctuate from different countries.

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