What devices is the POWER CUBE X compatible with?

The MIPOW POWER CUBE X is optimized to work with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, but it will also wirelessly charge any other Qi-compatible wireless devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ 
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 
  • Samsung Note8 
  • Samsung Note5 
  • Google Nexus 4 
  • Google Nexus 5 
  • Google Nexus 6 
  • Google Nexus 7 
  • LG G4 

Will the POWER CUBE X work with wireless devices that have high-speed charging?

The MIPOW POWER CUBE X is design for instant use and on the go solution. we will deliver 5W of charging to the iPhone to remain safety and protect both iPhone and POWER CUBE X’s battery and longer the better life.

How do I wirelessly charge devices with the MIPOW POWER CUBE X?

Simply place your iPhone or any Qi enabled smartphone on top of the MIPOW POWER CUBE X and push the button to start the wireless charging. 

Will POWER CUBE X damage iPhone back surface?

The POWER CUBE X top is UV coating finish which is designed to protect your iPhone from scratches and ensure that it stays in place to maintain a constant connection while it’s wirelessly charging.

Will the POWER CUBE X charge my phone while it’s inside of a case?

That depends on the design of the case. If the case is simply a protective case, as long as its back panel is no thicker than 3mm wireless charging should work fine. However, if the back panel is thicker, or if the case contains a battery or other metal, it may prevent the phone from wirelessly charging. 

Will I damage the POWER CUBE X if I accidentally set my keys (or some other metal object) on it?

No. Communication between the POWER CUBE X and a charging device ensures that it will only send power to a compatible wireless device.

Can the POWER CUBE X charge multiple devices at once?

You bet! You can place your iPhone (or other Qi-enabled device) on top of POWER CUBE X to wirelessly charge it and connect a USB device to its USB-C charging port at the same time. Press the battery status button to start charging both devices. (It requires to buy a USB-C cable for this purpose).

Can I recharge the POWER CUBE X battery from a computer’s USB port?

For best result, do not attempt to recharge the POWER CUBE X via a computer’s USB port. We recommend connecting to a USB wall charging adapter with at least 1.5-amp output.

Can I charge my device while recharging POWER CUBE X battery?

Yes. When you’re recharging your POWER CUBE X battery, it will priorly provide power to a wireless or connected device first, before the battery starts to recharge.