Power Cube 5000
Compact & powerful
Charge on the go with a built-in Lightning Cable
Thin Body Style
The 5000mAh portable battery is unique and innovative with the design technology that allows for ease of use. It’s easy to carry and can be held while charging your phone.
State Of The Art Features
  • Smart Button: Start charging by simply pressing one button.
  • Smart Temperature: Allows for high temperature detection to avoid any over-heating while charging a device. It protects the charger and mobile device from any heat damage.
  • Smart Wattage: The hardware is designed to charge at the maximum power range for the mobile device used.
  • High Capacity Battery: It provides a strong charging rate allowing the mobile device to be ready faster for use. With a 5000mAh size, it can provide a whole day of power before having to recharge it.
Made from Aluminum Alloy Façade
Unique structures around the world have been made from this material. The surface itself is moisture and corrosion-free with is slip resistance allowing it to be safe in your hands and the elements.
Slim Charging Power
With a 2.4A maximum current output at 5000 mAh battery capacity, it will charge a device and make it ready to use within the hour. Use it anywhere at anytime.
1.8 Times
on S7
1.4 Times
on S7 edge
3-4 hours
Fully Charge