An unique portable lighting product that lets you decorate your pool or garden by creating an
amazing ambiance at one finger tap.
Solar Powered
Charges in sunlight throughout
the day so it is ready all night.
Water Resistant
With an IP68* rating,
PLAYBULB solar is water resistant
and you can use it outdoor.
Extra Mono Pods
Use the easily attachable spike to
place the PLAYBULB in your
garden or along walkways.
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Comes with 1000mA li-polymer battery,
good to operate up to 25 hours with one
full charge.
APP Control
Download the free PLAYBULB X App from the Apple Store
or Google Play and maximize your fun.
Lighting and color controls all at your finger tip.
Group Them To Maximise Fun
PLAYBULB X App allows you
to group multiple PLAYBULB
Smart Lights and control at the same time.
Download PLAYBULB X App for FREE at
both apple App Store & Google Play. Color
Control, lighting effect and other control .
are all in PLAYBULB X App.
APP store
Google Play
Super Easy Installation
Solar panel
1W / 6V
Water Resistant
(IP 68*) Up to 1.5m
LED Light
5 lumens and 0.8v
Bluetooth Smart 4.1
Wireless range 10m(33ft)
Li-Polymer Rechargable
1000mA / 3.7V / 3.7Wh
Available LED color
16 Million RGB Color
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