For Home & Traved


MIPOW N2 is a professional fully functional Sonic Electric Toothbrush which is specially designed to be ideal for both home and travel. The unique Cap-Handle design allows you to use the toothbrush head as a cover for its top when traveling and the cap is also designed to be used as a handle. This also allows the toothbrush to be packed up quickly and easily without spending time looking for a case or carrying pouch.

  Do you like
  brushing your teeth?

How about at the office or outside when you finish your lunch and when finish your dinner? Don’t forget the Doctor recommends brushing your teeth three times a day. MIPOW N2 is the first toothbrush, that you can use to clean your teeth anywhere at anytime and easily pack up and go in just seconds. Take the N2 with you at all times and never miss a brushing. Your teeth will thank you.


High Efficiency Motor

High-frequency sonic vibration 32000 strokes per minute strong output torque make the transmitted energy efficiently at the head of the brush. The energy conducts the water and the foam of the toothpaste to form the force of the pulse to effectively clean the opening of the tooth and remove the dental plaque

3 Professional

Sonic Frequencies

three professional vibration frequency is designed for deep cleaning, Whitening, and Polishing. Together with our 7 types of personalized toothbrushes head cutting for better results.

This is probably the best battery on the market charging quickly and holding the charge for a very long time. Say goodbye to battery issues common with electric tooth brushes.


Unlike other electric toothbrushes that comes with a big pouch and are not easy to carry around and easy to forget to bring out with you …


The MIPOW incorporates World-leading filament brands, DuPont to enhance the durability of brush heads and to provide long-lasting maximum cleaning performance. All our Replacement toothbrush heads has registered with USA FDA for Safe Assurance. Many research we did go into making every MIPOW toothbrush head unique, so you're sure to find one that fits your specific oral care needs. Modeled after the round shape of professional dental cleaning tools, KilaCare replacement brush heads work with any MIPOW brand electric toothbrush to deliver a superior clean & comfort experience vs. a regular manual toothbrush.

The combination of our In-house sonic technology motor and DuPont premium bristles allows the MIPOW to provide best-in-class plaque removal solution & comfortable .