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MIFFY MagSafe Charger

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MagSafe Power Bank Capsule, Stackable Recharge 

MagSafe Wireless Portable Charger designed for iPhone 13/12 Pro/Pro max. Wireless Snap Capsule to your iPhone to charge with MagSafe wirelessly. Worlds 1st MagSafe Compatible Power Bank Ecosystem.  Also Magnetically Attached each Power-Capsule together to refill each Capsule Simultaneously. Stack Capsule and Charge PILE of 5 Capsules by only one cable for recharging/refill. 

MagSafe Compatible 

Click Simply Snap Power-Capsule to wireless charge iPhone with Magnetic Suction. Built-in high-end for Qi wireless charging smart chip can intelligently identify mobile phones. Strong Magnetic Adsorption can hold your device firmly. You can use while it's charging.

Dual Power Reception Ports 

Another Hot Selling Point of this Product. Power Capsule comes with two Built-in Power Reception Ports: Lightning Port & USB-C(TYPE-C) Part. You can Use Any of your Lightning Cable OR USB-C (TYPE-C) Cable to Charge Power Capsule. 

Stackable Recharge, Stack up to 5 Capsules 

Buy 2 or More Capsules, It's Power Relay Wireless Charging Ecosystem. Click & Attached to each Power-Capsule together for recharging simultaneously. Can Stack and Attach up-to 5 Capsules with only one Cable (Lightning Cable OR USB-C Cable)

Charge 2 Capsules & iPhone Simultaneously

Buy 2 or More Capsules,  You can Stack and Charge 2 Power-Capsules + 1 iPhone Simultaneously with only one Cable (TYPE-C Cable OR Lightning Cable). Always Keep your Power Bank fully Charged and ready whenever you needed. 

Quick-Charge iPhone via Cable 

BUILT-IN USB-C (TYPE-C) Port is also a Output Charging Port. with the USB-C to Lightning Cable to Quick Charge your iPhones or Other USB-Devices.

Use as iPhone Bracket 

Strong Magnetic Adsorption can hold your device firmly also holding iPhone in a 10degree angle when you hold your iPhone horizontally on the table. It become a iPhone Bracket Function, fun for watching Video while Charging your iPhone.

3 Colors Selections, Work with MagSafe Case

The Capsule also can be used when you put MagSafe Case, that means you dont need to take off the case when you want to wireless charging by this Power Capsule. Choose your favorite colors from our 6 Selections, Mix & Match Color with MagSafe iPhone Cases.