Power Tube 3000

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  • Power Tube 3000 - MIPOW
Power Tube 3000 - MIPOW Power Tube 3000 - MIPOW Power Tube 3000 - MIPOW Power Tube 3000 - MIPOW Power Tube 3000 - MIPOW Power Tube 3000 - MIPOW Power Tube 3000 - MIPOW

Power Tube 3000

$39.98 $33.98 -15%


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Great Little Charger

The power bank is very small and easy to carry, especially this kind of frosted feel. It is antiskid and dirt resistant. The design is very reasonable. The quality of the whole workmanship is very good. The connecting cable is still certified by apple. It is safe and reliable to use. Although the capacity is small, it is a good choice for emergency. It must be light and small, which can meet the needs of power consumption. The quality is also very good.

Best portable charger!!

Without a doubt the best portable charger I’ve ever owned! This is the second one I’ve owned!
It’s so compact! I love that the input and output charging cords are self contained. Great product!!

Great product Great Customer Care

Great product, Great caring Customer Service, Speedy delivery. Excellent experience for my first time. Great customer representatives that truly care about their customers along with providing an outstanding product. Thank you.

My lips are smiling

I am a doctir and my lipstick charger fits into my scrub pocket. I’m also a biker and it is so convenient to take on long bike journeys. I bought two and I will but more for the family. Great for everyone to have while they travel.

Great product. Customer service is lacking though

This is the second one of these I purchased. I loved the first one so much, and once I broke it (after 4ish years of use) I needed to get another one!

The price is reasonable for what you are getting. I LOVE that I don’t need to bring a cord to charge my phone as it’s already attached.

Customer service is lacking. I emailed with a question (my tracking number wasn’t working) and I found the response to be very impersonal. There was no type of greeting, in fact I found it kind of rude. They basically said ‘it will get to you when it gets to you’ of course I’m paraphrasing. But that’s how I took it.

I think they great need to improve their customer service. But again the product is great