POWER CUBE X2 Apple MFi Certified & QI Based Wireless Charger

POWER CUBE X2 - Qi Wireless Charging Plus MFi Certified Built-in Cable

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Anti-Scratch UV Coating

Aluminum Alloy Finishing

Qi Wireless Alignment

Battery Status Indications

Swipe Touch Sensor Spot

APPLE Lightning Cable

Swipe it

Touch slide to turn on
& to Show Indications

Qi-Wireless On

Charging Status

Battery Level

Color selection

Color Select: White

Color Select: Black

Color Select: Half WHITE + Half BLACK Note: This color seiection only applies When you order the double special 2pcs and wholesale special 20pcs.

Wireless Charging Compatibility

Apple iPhone XS,
Apple iPhone XS Max,
Apple iPhone XR,
Apple AirPods,
Apple iPhone X ,
Apple iPhone 8,
Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Sumsung Galaxy S9,
Sumsung Galaxy S9+,
Samsung Galaxy S8 ,
Samsung Galaxy S8+,
Samsung Galaxy S7 ,
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge,
Samsung Galaxy S6 ,
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge,
Samsung Note8 ,
Samsung Note5

Google Nexus 7,
Google Nexus 6,
Google Nexus 5,
Google Nexus 4,
LG G4,

Lightning Charging Compatibility

Apple MFi Certified

Apple iPhone XS,
Apple iPhone XS Max,
Apple iPhone XR,
Apple AirPods,
Apple iPhone X ,
Apple iPhone 8,
Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPhone 7,
Apple iPhone 7 Plus,
Apple iPhone 6,
Apple iPhone 6 Plus,
Apple iPhone 5 se,
Apple iPhone 5



Output: 5V/1A
Wireless Output: 5w
Capacity: 5000mAh
Operating Temperature: 0-45
Length: 5.7 in./ 145mm
Width: 2.79 in./ 71mm
Depth: 0.6in./ 15.4mm
Weight: 5.86 oz./ 166g


1.0m USB-C to USB Cable
Pouch Bag
Quick Start Guide


1 Year Warranty

Wireless power


Our POWER CUBE X2 is well certified with marked as Qi Certified have passed rigorous, independent laboratory tests for safety, interoperability and energy efficiency. Alternative claims like “Qi compliant,” “Qi compatible” or “Works with Qi,” suggests a product has not undergone proper Qi certification testing. Qi certification is to ensures that devices (the power receivers) and chargers (the power transmitters) – always worth together for simple and easy charging. Every Qi-Certified device and charger works together, including products from multiple manufacturers or brand. Every Qi-Certified car charger will not interfere with other car electronics (wireless key fob, navigation systems, etc.). Qi-Certified product is easy and intuitive to use. The new iPhone is also Qi-Certified Product. So it work perfectly with POWER CUBE X2.

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designer brand

MiPow is a technology company founded in 2010 by Stanley Yeung, it is a young and innovative brand with the key value of “Make it Different”. As an award-winning designer, MFi manufacturer, and lifestyle brand, MiPow's products range from accessories for smartphones, portable charging accessories, elegant living gadgets, smart home lightings to Bluetooth audio products. Mipow offers affordable but elegance gadgets to its customers with a unique blend of industrial and electronic design, precision engineering and high-quality manufacturing. MIPOW sales channels covering Asia, Europe, UK, America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East/ you can find MIPOW everywhere in the world.  
MiPow is a company that dedicates itself to providing customers with good quality products and a different experience through technology and user-friendly design. Our functional and fashionable designs have won broad market acceptance as well as many prestigious awards. MIPOW holds 64 International Design Award which including European Red-Dot Design Awards, International Forum iF Design Awards, GOOD DESIGN Awards and USA iDEAL Design Awards with honor with ranking as TOP100 Design Company and TOP100 Design Team giving from iF design. MIPOW takes pride in its innovation and holds 68 patents with more to come.


iPhones & AirPods

POWER CUBE X2 is the first Qi-certified wireless power bank integrated with built-in Apple Lightning cable.


“Check out the Mipow power cube X2! The best power bank of all time!”

@ VapeTechUnboxed

"Amazing 2-in-1 wireless charging solution. Both home and mobile can be annoying for charging mobile power."

@ OSReviews

"MiPow Powercube X2 Review and Wireless Charging Test."

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"The Elegant MIPOW Power Cube X2 5000 Portable Charger Reviewed."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Mipow has saved the day!
And just to let you know, I'm writing this with no benefit but just b/c I'm so glad I bought this.
Firstly, kudos for its seriously amazing Red Carpet Customer Service!!!
And its fab cube!
Sleek and weighs not much more than a tall pile of feathers.
I first bought this to charge my phone nightly without risking a cord attached to the phone, tangling and sending the phone crashing.
So nightly, my phone is safe just plugged into the cube's attached tiny cable.
And having my phone in my bag, snugly "kissing" the cube. What bliss, having it emerge fully charged.
The cube's unique, built-in cable keeps it firmly connected.
Or I can have it charge, truly wirelessly, using its versatile Qi.
Soon I'll have it charge my other devices at the same time.
Thanks so much, Mipow!


Excellent item. Does what it says on the tin.