Wireless Charge + Built-in Apple Lightning PD Cable (Charge iPhones 50% in 30mins)

Power Cube X3 PD

10000 mAh Portable PD Power Bank with Dual Charging Solutions

Our New PowerCube X3 is nice circulation design with two charging solutions,Qi Wireless Charging and Build-in New (PD)Apple Lightning cable.  The Unique Built-in FAST PD Apple Lightning Cable direct charge your iPhones 50% in 30mins. It also comes with wireless Qi supports to charge any wireless charging enabled devices.


-Charge 50% 30Mins?This Is the Solution for You.

POWER CUBE X3 PD has all the power you need and the fast-charging speed you want to power your iPhones/AirPods,even when you’re in a hurry.


-Charge Your iPhone Faster Than Ever with Build-in Lightning Cable

Charge your iPhone up to 2.5 times faster with the POWER CUBE X3 PD portable Power Bank/ Up to 18W of power is delivered to your iPhones as fast as your device can take it. 50% in 30mins with the built-in cable,you don’t have to bring other apple cable for this speed. It Charges your AirPods 1,2,& New AirPods Pro.


-Qi Wireless Charging

Never fuss with cables again. Simply place your iPhones,AirPods 2&Pro,and other QI-enabled smartphone on the POWER CUBE X3 charging surface to Charge at up to 10W speed.


-Fast Charge USB-C PD

Use the USB-C PD port to recharge the POWER CUBE X3,or use that same port to charge a device at the fastest speed possible.



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