Two ways to Charge Your AirPods Pro, & iPhones

Power Cube X3 PD

10000 mAh Portable PD Power Bank with Dual Charging Solution

Our New PowerCube X3 is nice circulation design with two charging solutions,Qi Wireless Charging and Build-in New (PD)Apple Lightning cable.  The Unique Built-in FAST PD Apple Lightning Cable direct charge your iPhones 50% in 30mins. It also comes with wireless Qi supports to charge any wireless charging enabled devices.


-Charge 50% 30Mins?This Is the Solution for You.

POWER CUBE X3 PD has all the power you need and the fast-charging speed you want to power your iPhones/AirPods,even when you’re in a hurry.


-Charge Your iPhone Faster Than Ever with Build-in Lightning Cable

Charge your iPhone up to 2.5 times faster with the POWER CUBE X3 PD portable Power Bank/ Up to 18W of power is delivered to your iPhones as fast as your device can take it. 50% in 30mins with the built-in cable,you don’t have to bring other apple cable for this speed. It Charges your AirPods 1,2,& New AirPods Pro.


-Qi Wireless Charging

Never fuss with cables again. Simply place your iPhones,AirPods 2&Pro,and other QI-enabled smartphone on the POWER CUBE X3 charging surface to Charge at up to 10W speed.


-Fast Charge USB-C PD

Use the USB-C PD port to recharge the POWER CUBE X3,or use that same port to charge a device at the fastest speed possible.



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