Fantastic Night Lights for Kids and Home Decor

As an old saying goes, good design cannot survive without good crafts. Equally, good product impression cannot develop without good design. With more and more colorful lights being produced, our daily life also becomes swinging.

In fact, nighttime can be rather scary for kids owing to different kinds of imaginary monsters. However, MIPOW brings fantastic night lights to sing songs, tell stories, play radios and recite poems for kids which are called PLAYBULB ZOOCORO. It is made up of five Bluetooth speaker lights with a stylish design coming out of lovely animals and cartoon characters. Thus there is no doubt that the kids will love them very much.





PLAYBULB ZOOCORO is not only for kids but also wonderful for home decor. With PLAYBULB X App, you can set up timers to turn on/off the light and music. It's convenient for you to enjoy some relaxing music at night before going to sleep or to be waken up by some soft music apart from the light.

On the one hand, it has four kinds of lighting effects with thousands of colors. The color and color effects can be changed by gently tapping it via the included shake button. On the other hand, the included wireless charging dock allows you to charge without a cable and the extra USB output port on charging dock allows you to charge a second lamp or your mobile devices. Thanks to its safety and convenience of wireless charging, you are able to take the speaker lamp to anywhere you want.

In addition, the interest and originality that PLAYBULB Zoocoro has transferred can open the imagination of children and wake up the innocence of adults. Since it is full of creation and convenience, why not consider trying it? 

PLAYBULB Zoocoro is now available >

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