100% funded under 24 hours! PLAYBULB color, the strongest return on Kickstarter!

With the successful launching of PLAYBULB candle on Kickstarter, we are more confident and excited to introduce another latest gadget, PLAYBULB color. PLAYBULB color is a Smart Color Light Bulb & Wireless Speaker 2-in-1. Launching PLAYBULB color on 24th Oct, 2014, there are over 100 backers who have pledged in just 24 hours. Up to 60% OFF special offer is now available (http://goo.gl/wUMXXk). With PLAYBULB X App, you can control color, lighting effect and brightness easily. You can also play your favorite soundtracks from your music player through this smart light bulb.

Probably the SMARTEST light bulb

It’s a smart device

With built in Bluetooth® chip, brightness control, color changing, lighting effects and music playback activation are just at finger tip. Simply tap PLAYBULB X App for your color and mood.

One is good, many are much better.

With multiple PLAYBULB colors, one can enjoy greater color fun with PLAYBULB X group control feature. PLAYBULB X group control allows you to divide colors into groups. Colors in the same group share the same color and lighting effects. PLAYBULB X group control performs best with 5 or less colors in a group but there is no limitation of the number of group a user can create. Imagine sitting in your garden having an evening talk with colorful light and music, PLAYBULB color is the answer. Also, PLAYBULB X App supports crossed devices control which means you can control PLAYBULB candle, PLAYBULB color and other upcoming PLAYBULB products in just one App.

Shake for Color Change

Listen to your music, shake for your color. Shake mode allows more fun with music and color. Shake your phone and get a random color to enjoy a greater color fun. Perfect for a colorful party night.

Music Playback

PLAYBULB color is also a Bluetooth wireless speaker. You can install it anywhere at your home and so audio is now everywhere. Listen to your audio learning book, music, cooking recipe or bedtime story with your favorite color lighting effect. PLAYBULB color is a breakthrough of light bulb in this high-tech century.

4 Special Lighting Effects

There are 4 lighting effects you can choose from PLAYBULB X App such as Flashing, Pulsing, Rainbow and Rainbow Fade. You can also adjust the speed and color for the effect. Personalize your lighting, customize you moment.

OTA (Over The Air) Firmware Upgrade

OTA allows upgrade of PLAYBULB color by using your computer. We will keep doing Firmware program improvement to add new functions to your PLAYBULB color.


Support iOS and Android

PLAYBULB X supports iPhone 4S or above, iPad 3 or above, iPod 5th generation or above (running iOS7) and Android 4.3 or above (with Bluetooth® 4.0).

Crossed devices Control

PLAYBULB X App supports crossed devices control. There are at least two new PLAYBULB products to come before the end of 2014, such as PLAYBULB rainbow (Smart Color LED Light) and garden light. By then, users can control a whole series of PLAYBULB products with ONE single App. One app, many devices.
PLAYBULB color is now on POPULAR and STAFF PICKS of Kickstarter platform. The funding process will end on 23rd November, 2014. PLAYBULB color is a Smart Color Light & Wireless Speaker 2-in-1 with free PLAYBULB X App, definitely the perfect smart lighting gadget for nowadays home. After Kickstarter fund raising, PLAYBULB color will start selling at store.mipow.com and other worldwide major online shopping platforms such as Amazon, Tmall & Rakuten by the end of 2014.
To check out PLAYBULB color on Kickstarter.com, please go to kickstarter.com and search “PLAYBULB color” or visit the following link.
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PLAYBULB candle: Staff Pick on Kickstarter

PLAYBULB candle, the latest product of MIPOW, has achieved 300% of the pledge goal and become POPULAR and STAFF PICKS in just one day. PLAYBULB candle is a smart LED candle with PLAYBULB X App control ideal for nowadays intelligent home setting. The successful launching on Kickstarter brings PLAYBULB candle funding and great marketing impact.

Not just a candle.

With built in Bluetooth® chip, color, effect and brightness changing are just at finger tip. Simply tap PLAYBULB X App to liberate your color imagination now. We understand that good is not good enough. PLAYBULB X grouping function allows you to control more than one candle at once. Form your rainbow with multiple candles. What is more, turn it upside down, PLAYBULB candle is also a real candle holder. Simply change the color for any mood and any occasions. PLAYBULB candle is light-weighted and highly portable. Push the atmosphere to a new climax no matter indoor or outdoor. Enjoy colors, embrace fun!


PLAYBULB X App Supports iPhone 4S or above, iPad 3 or above, iPod 5th generation or above (running iOS7) and Android 4.3 or above (with Bluetooth® 4.0). PLAYBULB X App also supports PLAYBULB X color, PLAYBULB X rainbow and PLAYBULB kit set. Stay tuned for more updated information. PLAYBULB candle pre-sales will be ready in mid September and official sale will be ready in October on MIPOW Online Store (www.store.mipow.com)!

PLAYBULB candle now available on Kickstarter at (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mipowusa/playbulb-candle-color-led-flameless-candle-with-mo)

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(简体中文) MIPOW亮相 亚洲最大春季电子展 - 2014香港春季电子产品展

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